Best Beaches In Kerala: Beaches You Must Visit

Best Beaches In Kerala

Kerala is best known for its serene backwaters, tea gardens, coconut trees and hill stations. But the beauty of God’s Own Country doesn’t end here, the state has some of the best beaches for tourists from across the globe. From peaceful beaches to party beaches, you can have the options of almost every kind right here in Kerala. So, where should you start from – Kovalam or Bekal? We have brought you a helpful Kerala beach guide to get you out of this confusion. Check out our list of the best beaches in Kerala. Read on.

Here are 5 beautiful beaches In Kerala you can’t afford to miss

Marari Beach

1. Marari Beach

The first one is the sleepy fishing village beach having coconut trees all around. It is an ideal location for a splendid vacation with your family or friends. Located in the Allepey district, the beach falls on the rout of Kochi to Alleppey. The white sandy shore offers an authentic experience to the visitors. You can get the feeling of complete serenity at the beach remains less crowded throughout the year. Take a stroll down the endless miles of sandy shore lined with coconut trees. Observe the local charm and soak in the traditional fishing village with your loved ones.

Alleppey Beach

2. Alleppey Beach

Alleppey is a famous district in the state of Kerala known for its houseboats, coir industry, backwaters and fishing. It is a popular tourist place and people from far away places like USA apply for Indian e-Visa with a motive to explore the beauty of this serene beach having an old pier for around 137 years now. The beach has a beautiful lighthouse and you can enjoy the various entertainment activities at the Vijaya Beach Park nearby.

Vizhinjam Beach

3. Vizhinjam Beach

It is an earthy and rusty beach located at a distance of just 3kms from Vizhinjam. Vizhinjam is known for its fishing harbours and you can see fishermen exploring into the vast sea during dawn. Unlike Kovalam beach, this one is earthy and rusty. DO not forget to visit the essaymoment Marine Aquarium displaying piranhas, surgeonfish, squirrelfish, giant turtles, lionfish, moon wrasse, sharks, clownfish and butterfly fish. There is also an ancient 18th century rock-cut temple popular among tourist from across the world. SO, there’s a lot to explore and observe in Vizhinjam apart from the beach.

Kovalam Beach

4. Kovalam Beach

If you are a true traveller at heart, you must have heard about Kovalam beach. It is the most popular beach in Kerala that tempts tourist to explore the place at least once in their lifetime. So, better apply for an Indian e-Visa soon. Why is it so famous among the many beaches in the state? It is for its low tidal waves and shallow waters that made it famous among massive hippies in the early 70s. This was the period of transformation of the simple fishing village of the beautiful state of India into a well-known tourist destination in the country.

Kovalam serves a coastline of 17 kilometres with three major beaches such as Hawah Beach, Crescent Beach and Light House Beach. The name Hawah Beach was given due to the facility of topless sunbathing. Kovalam offers a much relaxed ambience to the tourist than the hyped Goa beaches. The food is also much lighter and softer added with the laid back attitude. You can hire a tourist taxi or bike for exploring the areas of Kovalam. Enjoy the cool breeze and lined coconut palms lined across the highway while you drive around. Drive towards the North for plains and to the South for the view of hills. The most popular activities among the tourists are a wooden boat ride, surfing and motorboat ride.

bekal beach

5. Bekal Beach

Located 16 kilometres south of the Kasaragod town, Bekal is known for its long preserved and largest forts in Kerala. The Bekal beach is a charming spot encompassed with palm fringed surroundings and offers a splendid view of the Bekal fort. This one is a clean and long beach but remembers it is not safe for swimming. It is a tourist attraction that urges visitors to maintain the sanity of the place. You will find a parka and zoo adjacent to the beach area where you can hang out with your kids if you are there on a family vacation. Travellers sit on the rocks near the Bekal fort for meditation or simply relaxing in the evenings.

Kerala is home to an array of green beaches ideal for a romantic vacation where once can wrap in Love with his or her partner. So, plan a beach getaway soon to get amazed by the scenic beauty of the state. What could be more romantic than the warm weather, palm fringes all around and a walk with cocktails in hand? Trust us, this vacation would be immensely enjoyable, no matter with whom you plan the trip – friends, family or just you and your beloved.

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