India Business Visa Requirements for US Citizens

india business visa requirements

These days, thanks to globalization, the world is more of a global village. International partnerships are very common in the domain of business and commerce. As a result of this development, there’s a sharp rise in the demand for business visas all over the globe. To keep abreast with this latest visa trend, India has simplified her visa procedure like never before. Now, there’s no need to go to an Indian consulate to apply for a visa to India. You can easily apply India business visa online, sitting in the comfort of your office or home. The introduction of e-visa has definitely made the life of business travelers to India unbelievably easier and hassle-free.

India business visa documents for US citizens

Thanks to the Indian establishment for their revised and updated procedure, seeking an India business visa is now a matter of cakewalk for US citizens. You just require filling in a form and submit a few documents along with it. That’s all!

The documents you require are as follows:

  • A valid US passport
  • A scanned copy of the information page of your passport
  • A softcopy or digital photograph of yourself
  • A debit/credit card or a PayPal account
  • A copy of your business card
  • A letter of invitation

However, it is relevant to note here that the letter of invitation isn’t mandatory. Your visa application can be smoothly processed even in its absence.  When you apply for an Indian business visa, you’ll be amazed to find out filling up the form will hardly take about a couple of minutes. It will ask for some of your basic information, a few personal queries and ofcourse the documents mentioned above have to be uploaded. To resolve any confusion or assistance, you can seek professional help at any time. These visa assistance services work 24×7 to ensure your convenience and prove helpful.

Cost and options

Visa processing cost has different slabs, based on your time constraint and budget.

  • The standard visa processing costs $147.5 and the visa will reach you through email within 4 working days.
  • Rush processing will cost you $177.5 and you’ll get the visa in 3 business days.
  • The super rush processing is a premium option, for which you pay $212.5 and the visa reaches you within a single business day.


In other words, securing an India business visa isn’t difficult even if you’re under severe time constraint. The validity of e visa lasts 120 days before you make up your mind to make the trip. Once you reach India, you can stay there for 60 days. Unlike normal visas, an e visa allows you double entry to the country. After spending 60 days in the sub continent, if you still have to extend your period of stay just get back and go again to avail the advantage of double entry.

There’re hardly proper words to describe how the Indian e visa for US citizens has simplified life in the recent times. Considering this conveyance, a number of nations are planning to follow the Indian approach. Avail this opportunity and cut down unnecessary hassles from life.

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